Apartament Renovat 3 Camere – Zona Titan, Aproape de Metrou și Parc Ior

Detaliile proprietatii

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Sunteți în căutarea unei oaze urbane, care să combine confortul, accesibilitatea și intimitatea? Vă invităm să descoperiți o proprietate excepțională – un apartament spațios de trei camere, perfect amplasat în dinamica și verdeata zonă Titan – Parc Ior. Acest apartament este o alegere premium pentru cei care visează la un stil de viață echilibrat, în inima Bucureștiului.

Locația: O Poartă Deschisă Către Conveniență și Relaxare

Nestled on the 4th floor of a 10-story building constructed in 1968, this gem sits in a prime location that offers a blend of city life benefits and peaceful moments in nature. Residents will benefit from the proximity to Parc Ior, a place of leisure and fresh air, perfect for morning jogs or sunset strolls. Adding to the appeal is the easy access to Mall Park Lake for shopping aficionados. The neighborhood embraces convenience with nearby facilities such as grocery stores and the availability of public transportation options.

Design și Confort: O Renovare cu Gust

Imagine stepping into a fully renovated space, where every detail is crafted to perfection. With a generous area of 70.60 sqm, including a balcony, the apartment underwent an extensive renovation in 2023. The contemporary design faucets a canvas for you to paint your dream home upon. The property’s layout is conceived to maximize space and light, ensuring a warm and welcoming ambiance from the moment you enter. The renovation encompassed both aesthetic and functional updates, meaning the new homeowner will enjoy modern living standards from day one.

Economie și Sustenabilitate: Un Imobil Reabilitat Termic

Amid growing concern for energy-efficiency and sustainability, this property stands out with its thermally rehabilitated structure. While details regarding the Energy Performance Certificate will be provided to the prospective buyer prior to the transaction, the insulation improvements signal a commitment to reduced energy costs and increased comfort throughout the seasons.

Un Mediu Convenabil și Atractiv: Vecinătăți Diverse

The home’s location offers an exquisite mix of urban conveniences and cultural enrichment. Areas such as Baba Novac, Dristor, Nicolae Grigorescu, Potcoava, and Diham are just around the corner, providing a vibrant backdrop for everyday life. Whether you are commuting to work, heading out for a meal, or searching for entertainment options, everything you need is within easy reach.

Concluzie: O Oportunitate Nu Trebuie Ratată

If you envision your life in an area that mingles the tranquility of nature with the vibrancy of city living, this three-room apartment in Titan Zone – Parc Ior is an opportunity worth exploring. For those interested in learning more details or scheduling a viewing, we encourage you to get in touch. Embrace the chance to make this exquisite property your new urban retreat.

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